Sunday, 8 January 2012

Starfish Quay release Clock Rock....

In November (2011) Tim had the idea of turning classic Penguin books into clocks. We went to a local charity shop and bought a couple that we could try with, to see if it worked.
It did, and they looked great. We immediately added them to our market stock for that weekend, and sold out of all the book clocks we'd made. They sold so quickly we didn't even have time to put them on Etsy! Tim made some more, but in the run up to Christmas, we sold out again. If you would like to get a book clock please check back at our Etsy shop in the coming weeks, we will be making some more!

It turned out we loved making clocks and our customers seemed to love them too! We had some spare movements that we had bought for making driftwood clocks (now to be a new project for 2012) so I suggested we turned some of our records into clocks. We've got hundreds of records at home, having collected them for many years, and have some absolute classics. They were just sat there, some having never been played (too collectable!) and it seemed a shame since they are so beautiful. We went through them, and put a few aside to turn into clocks. We concentrated on the song, rather than just the fact it was a record, and picked out some hits.

As with the books we put them on the market stall that weekend, and sold out of them as well. It seems we had really hit on something! We ordered some more movements (local supplier) and made enough to sell on the stall and online. They clearly make great gifts and in the run up to Christmas we sold out. They weren't all gifts for other people mind, one chap went out of his way to tell me it was going on his wall!! We needed to make more.....

.....or rather Tim did! After much consideration went through our very collectable, limited edition coloured vinyl and picture discs. They look amazing and the great thing with them is that because they are in mint condition, unplayed and in their original packaging, they maintain their collectors value. The process we use to make the clocks doesn't damage the records, so you're buying both a collectable record and a clock :) I was so happy to see these beautiful records on display, and that they will be on peoples wall, being appreciated makes it so fulfilling.

If you would like a record clock, they are available on our Etsy shop ( and on our Bristol market stall.

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