Friday, 30 November 2012

Leukemia Sucks!!

We are due to shave our heads for Naomi Warren and all the other children and families helped and treated by Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. We've raised over £500 through to two charity efforts, Tim grew a 'tash for MOvember & I promised to shave my head if we reached our target £400. We're just a tad short and would love to reach the target by tomorrow, so if you can dig deep and offer just a few pounds by tomorrow I will join little Naomi Warren so she doesn't have to go through the festive season with no hair on her own - so we're joining her!! Her big Auntie Naomi (known to the twins as Auntie Gnome) can't bare for her to be 'bald' over Christmas - so she won't be!! If you can spare a few pounds the address is:
Thanks,  Naomi & Tim - Starfish Quay :)

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