Monday, 25 February 2013

Challenge No2 - Learn to Walk Before You Can Run (Starfish Quay Do Race For Life)

We know these are lean times, but just one more for this year: Challenge No2: Race for Life, Basildon (23rd AM) UK with my friend (Caroline Warren) who's child (Naomi) Tim & I did challenge No1 for (MOvember and head shave - we raised a massive £625, thanks so much to those who supported us) - I need 2 learn 2 walk before 23rd June to do this challenge, so please help me at:
And why not support a small (local to some) husband-wife handmade business doing their bit to help families deal with the trauma of Breast Cancer and raise awareness not just for that day, but through the rest of their lives?
Don't forget you can follow us on Pinterest:  Twitter @starfishquay or on Facebook!/starfishquay  We also sell at Things British, Kingly Court, Off Carnaby Street (
Thank you so much and we hope you are having a good 2013 :) DEAR SELF, TODAY YOU WILL SHINE......If you fall over seven times, you pick yourself up eight times....
Tim & Naomi

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