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Vexillology or Fun With Flags: Albania....

Republic of Albania

Albania Flag Description:
The Albanian flag consists of a black, two headed eagle in the center of the red base.

Albania Flag Meaning:
The eagle is taken from an Albanian folk tale. The eagle faithfully watches over and guides the king or the "son of the eagle."
 Albania Flag History:
The current version of the Albania flag was adopted on April 7th 1992. The coat of arms was adopted May 22nd, 1993. Some modern versions of the Albania flag have a helmet or star above the eagle. A version of the Albanian flag with a red star and a yellow border dates back to the Communist takeover in 1946 and has recently been removed. The eagle dates back to George Castriota, an Albanian Christian who became a Turkish general in the 15th century under the name of Iskander Bey, or Skanderberg. Castriota used the double-headed eagle on his seals and this has led it to being on the modern flag. Albania declared independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912. All versions of the Albanian flag since then have featured an eagle, even during the Italian occupation of World War II, and its communist regime after the war. Albania became a republic again in 1992.
 Interesting Albania Flag Facts:
The nickname of the Albania flag is 'flamur e Skenderbeut' (Skanderbeg's flag).

 Interesting Fact About Albania:

  • Albanian people called their nation Arber during the middle ages.
  • The most popular sport in Albania is soccer.
  • The official currency in Albania is the Albanian Lek.
  • Islam is the most common religion in Albania with more than two thirds of the population practicing it.
  • Nodding the head in Albania is a disagreement while shaking the head means "yes".
  • The national airport of Albania is named after Mother Teresa. The full name of the the airport is Tirana International Nene Tereza.
  • Shqiperia is Albania in Albanian language. The official name for Albania is "Republika e Shqiperise" meaning the Republic of Albania.
  • Albania gained its independence in 1912 but was not recognized by a lot of countries till 1913.
  • The literacy rate is 93% for men and 80% for women.
  • The population in Albania is estimated to be 3.5 million only.

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