Monday, 10 June 2013

Let's Beat Cancer Together!!

A close friend of mine's daughter was diagnosed with cancer 15 months ago - she was 25 months old.

Ever since then 'little' Naomi (and her family) has been bravely battling this evil monster with the help of her best friend and sister Lorelai. Caroline has stopped working to be with her girls, administer daily chemo meds, weekly blood tests are carried out during our friendly home invasion by their community nurse, not to mention the monthly chemo and steriods....And lumbar punctures.
Anyone who knows me will know that from May 2012 I have had an enormous amount of ill health including 3 heart attacks/depressions, 3 strokes, multi-segmented bilateral bloog clots in the lungs, an atonic bladder along with seizures/blackouts and a worsening of a condition I've had for 14 years - Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I have had 22 hospital admissions in the last 10 months. I was in a wheelchair for most of the year. In March I decided I'd had enough of the wheelchair, and bought a tri-walker. With some determination and a lot of pain I managed to start walking alone again - I'm lucky to have the support of my amazing husband. I still need the walker from time to time, but generally I try to manage without. In just under two weeks time I am taking part in the Race For Life (Basildon) 5KM with Caroline so we can battle cancer together! I have not even reached my tiny target of £50 - only £10 more to go. It's been a massive effort to get this far, and I + cancer would love your support... so please, I know times are hard, but if you can spare even £1 - it all helps! Sorry for the rambling! :)

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